Big Trees Forest Preserve


This Forest is being preserved for its many special natural qualities by Big Trees Forest Preserve, Inc., the Sandy Springs Recreation and Parks Department, State of Georgia Department of Natural Resources, and Southeast Land Preservation Trust.

The John Ripley Forbes Big Trees Forest Preserve is a tree, plant and wildlife sanctuary as well as a visual, mental and spiritual oasis. It is these special qualities, and more, which are protected within these borders.

As the Forest becomes more utilized it becomes more important for Forest users to be aware of the need to protect the Forest`s resources and atmosphere, and the need to extend courtesy to other Forest users.

You can help protect this Forest and extend courtesy to other Forest visitors through responsible Visitor Stewardship by observing the following Forest rules and conditions.


GENERAL: No smoking.
No alcoholic beverages.
No loud or amplified equipment.
No loud or boisterous conduct.
No littering or dumping.
No motorized vehicles.
Forest hours: Sunrise to Sunset.

PETS: Keep dogs on leash at all times.
Keep dogs from digging on or off trails.
Remove dog defecation from trails.

TRAILS: Stay on trails at all times.
Do not shortcut trails.
Do not play on cliffs.
Do not alter trail crossings in creek.
Do not build dams in creek.
No bicycles.
No jogging or running.
Use main entrance at all times.
No access through Forest border.

PLANTS: Please do not disturb, break, pull-up or remove any flowers, plants, weeds, shrubs or trees. Also, please do not plant any plants of any kind within the Forest.

SUMMARY: All work crews (e.g. surveyors, contractors, utilities) must contact the Big Trees Forest office before entry.
It is a criminal offense to destroy, alter, vandalize or remove anything from this forest. It is unlawful to use this Forest in any way other than for which it is intended (Code 1965, Section 71-301 (d)). Violators can be prosecuted.

THE TRAILS: The trails in the Forest provide convenient access to the Forest and are constructed to withstand the impact of foot traffic only while protecting the surrounding natural resources.
Use caution while in the Forest and walking on trails. Please stay on the trails at all times and avoid shortcutting to help us protect this beautiful Forest and to provide for your own safety. Like many natural environments, poison ivy, stump holes, yellow jackets, snakes, spiders, scorpions, ticks, and chiggers are also a part of Big Trees Forest.
The trails of Big Trees Forest are for walking only and quiet reflection. They are designed to help your visit be a pleasurable experience. Allow the trails to lure you into this peaceful habitat while enjoying its wonder and beauty.